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Regular cleaning of sanitary facilities | Active foam

For professional use. Forms an active foam when applied, removing lime scale, soap scum, and grease. For surfaces and fittings in sanitary facilities. Harmless to surfaces in contact.

0,6L   EAN: 5901370022904  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

Spray the formula (in 2 to 3 pumps) and wipe the surface to clean.

Anti-Stone -

Anti-Stone prevents scale, smudges and streaks for easier cleaning in the future.

Acti-Foam -

Acti-Foam: deeply penetrates hard to reach areas, softens caked dirt, and removes persistent grime.

Anti-Fingerprint -

This technology is featured in furniture cleaning formulas, the products dedicated to surfaces exposed to the most common form of dirt: finger marks. The surfaces cleaned with an Anti-Firgerpint formula are provided with protection against hand and finger marks.

Anti-Odour -

This icon denotes a technology which absorbs and neutralises odours to replace them with a pleasant smell.

Nanotechnology -

Nanotechnology: provides anti-static action while inhibiting the growth of dirt for easy regular cleaning.

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