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Cleaning of non-flooring surfaces | Active foam

For professional use. A foaming formula. A very effective and universal cleaning product which evaporates fast and streak-free. A safe formula ideal for washable, smooth and glossy varnished surfaces, ceramic surfaces, mirrors, glass, and metal. Features a pleasant fragrance.

0,6L   EAN: 5901370023239  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

Spray the formula (in 2 to 3 pumps) and wipe the surface to clean. Can be applied directly on the surface to soften persistent dirt for easier removal.

Acti-Foam -

Acti-Foam: deeply penetrates hard to reach areas, softens caked dirt, and removes persistent grime.

Anti-Fingerprint -

This technology is featured in furniture cleaning formulas, the products dedicated to surfaces exposed to the most common form of dirt: finger marks. The surfaces cleaned with an Anti-Firgerpint formula are provided with protection against hand and finger marks.

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