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Deep cleaning


Degreasing and deep-cleaning phosphate-free formula

For professional use. A phosphate-free, super-concentrated formula that is safe for regular and deep cleaning applications. Removes greasy and industrial grime, including oils and lubricants. Recommended for workshops, production floors, shopping mall maintenance, and logistic operations. Features a pleasant fragrance.

1L   EAN: 5901370023802  
5L   EAN: 5901370023833  
10L   EAN: 5901370023857  
Ask for the product

Ask for the product

Usage method

Depending on the strength of dirt to be removed, the recommended dilution ratio varies from 0.5% to 5% (50 to 500 ml per 10 L of water). If the cleaned surfaces are in contact with food products, rinse them thoroughly with potable water afterwards.

ESD certificate -

This icon denotes products with an ESD (electrostatic discharge) performance certificate. The ESD certificate means that the product was tested for compliance with CEI-IEC 61340-5-1:2009, Electrostatics. The products do not alter the anti-static performance of the processed surfaces.

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