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Bactericidal (Tbc) and fungicidal cleaning disinfectant

A liquid cleaning disinfectant based on alcohol and quaternary ammonium compounds with a bactericidal (Tbc) and fungicidal action (effective against Saccharomycetes). Actively biocidal. Does not damage the surfaces or cause corrosion at application concentration. Does not corrode varnish-coated surfaces.

The formula is intended for disinfection of all water-resistant surfaces and fitments / equipment types. Recommended for non-clinical hospital settings, schools, pre-schools, day care centres, food processing operations, and other areas where risks of infection are present.

0,6L   EAN: 5901370000308  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

Bactericidal and fungicidal effect (with high protein loads):

- Dwelling time: 1 min; concentration: 100%.

Tuberculolytic (Tbc) effect (with high protein loads):

- Dwelling time: 5 min; concentration: 100%.

The formula is ready to use. Pretreat the surfaces with a cleaning formula before disinfection. Spray the formula and leave to dwell for the required time on the clean surface. Wipe the surface dry afterwards. If the disinfected surfaces are in contact with food products, rinse them thoroughly with potable water afterwards. The surface is ready for use directly after disinfection. The rooms disinfected with the formula require no airing afterwards.

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