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Acid preparations


Cleaning and disinfection of refrigerators, cold stores, and stainless steel surfaces

A disinfectant formula with bactericidal and fungicidal action for cleaning of cooling appliances and stainless steel surfaces. 

INTENDED USE: A liquid cleaning disinfectant spray ready for direct application on stainless steel surfaces, acid-resistant appliances and equipment, and enamelled surfaces. Specifically recommended for food processing, catering, food services, hotel kitchen facilities, and other HoReCa operations. For cleaning and disinfection of refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, GN containers, stainless steel furniture, sinks, worktops, food slicers, and more. Provides bactericidal and fungicidal action. The formula is intended for disinfection of surfaces in or without contact with food products.

0,6L   EAN: 5901370021488  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

The formula is ready to use. Spray the formula and leave to dwell for the required time on the surface being disinfected. Wipe the surface dry afterwards.

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