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Regular cleaning of non-flooring surfaces

A professional, ready to use formula for regular cleaning of all non-floor surfaces with a flat or glossy finish. Evaporates quickly and requires no polishing afterwards. Provides a care effect with anti-static performance which is ESD certified.

0,6L   EAN: 5901370020795  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

Spray the formula on a clean cloth (in 2 to 3 pumps at most). Wipe the surface with the cloth. If the cleaned surfaces are in contact with food products, rinse them thoroughly with potable water afterwards.

Anti-Stone -

Anti-Stone prevents scale, smudges and streaks for easier cleaning in the future.

ESD certificate -

This icon denotes products with an ESD (electrostatic discharge) performance certificate. The ESD certificate means that the product was tested for compliance with CEI-IEC 61340-5-1:2009, Electrostatics. The products do not alter the anti-static performance of the processed surfaces.

Anti-Fingerprint -

This technology is featured in furniture cleaning formulas, the products dedicated to surfaces exposed to the most common form of dirt: finger marks. The surfaces cleaned with an Anti-Firgerpint formula are provided with protection against hand and finger marks.

Anti-Odour -

This icon denotes a technology which absorbs and neutralises odours to replace them with a pleasant smell.

Active Oxygen Technology -

The properties of activated oxygen greatly enhance the cleaning performance of detergents. Activated oxygen oxidises the particles of dirt and enhance the cleaning effect.

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