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Acid preparations


Lime scale and dirt cleaner

A professional concentrated formula for deep cleaning of acid-resistant surfaces, including food processing applications and surfaces in contact with food products. Removes lime scale, cement stains, soap scum, rust stains, and mineral deposits.

5L   EAN: 5901370021464  
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Usage method

Depending on the strength of dirt to be removed, the recommended dilution ratio varies from 0.25% to 30% (25 to 3000 ml per 10 L of water). For regular cleaning, dilute to 1% (100 ml per 10 L of water). For deep cleaning, dilute to 5% (500 ml per 10 L of water). For infrequent heavy-duty cleaning, dilute to 10% (1000 ml per 10 L of water). For removal of very persistent and thick grime, dilute to 30% (3000 ml per 10 L of water). Heavy-duty cleaning of persistent dirt requires undiluted application with a sponge or a cloth only. If the cleaned surfaces are in contact with food products, rinse them thoroughly with potable water afterwards.

Anti-Stone -

Anti-Stone prevents scale, smudges and streaks for easier cleaning in the future.

Anti-slip certificate -

This icon denotes that the product has been certified for compliance with EN 13036-4. Anti-slip properties are required from cleaning formulas used on all types of sport surface and public space flooring with a risk of slipping, including supermarkets, railway / airport concourse spaces, and warehouse rooms.

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