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Polymer formula for polishing and protection of flooring

A polymer film-building formula for polishing of PCV, terrazzo, and natural stone flooring not open to heavy traffic. Develops a durable film resistant to abrasion and repelling dirt. Leaves a metallic shine after use without polishing.

1L   EAN: 5901370002609  
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Usage method

Thoroughly pretreat the substrate by cleaning with GRUNDPUR VC 150, rinse down with water, and leave to dry before applying METALLIC LUX VC 330L. Follow by uniformly spreading METALLIC LUX VC 330L with a noodle mop. To enhance the shine, apply another layer when dry. For regular cleaning of the floors preserved with METALLIC LUX VC 330L, the following products from VOIGT are recommended: NANO PERFECT FLOOR VC 248 or NEUTRAL VC 180. To preserve the shine, it is recommended to periodically wash the floor with METALLIC LUX VC 330L diluted to 2% (200 ml per 10 L of water ) or EUPALIN VC 350 diluted to 0.5% (50 ml per 10 L of water).

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