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Floors and carpeting


Advanced fragrance cleaning formula for floor care

A concentrated, anti-static cleaning formula for water-resistant surfaces. Features a fresh cherry scent. Especially recommended for marble, glazed tiles, ceramic surfaces, PVC, and other plastics. The alcohol makes the formula evaporate quickly, leaving a subtle shine without any streaks or smudges. The latest Nanotechnology in the formulation protects the surfaces from the growth of dirt and makes regular easier.

1L   EAN: 5901370002586  
10L   EAN: 5901370002593  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

For hand or power cleaning, the recommended dilution ratio varies from 0.5% to 1.5% (50 to 150 ml per 10 L of water). Reduce the dilution ratio or use undiluted to remove persistent dirt. Requires no rinsing down, wiping dry, or polishing afterwards.

Nanotechnology -

Nanotechnology: provides anti-static action while inhibiting the growth of dirt for easy regular cleaning.

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