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A polyurethane floor care formula for stone and marble

A polymer-based formula for care and protection of natural stone flooring, including marble. Builds a film with superior resistance to abrasion. Suitable for application as a primer or a top protection, cleaning and care film. Leaves a glossy, non-slippery protective film with a high hardness. Contains < 5% surfactants.

1L   EAN: 5901370036000  
10L   EAN: 5901370036017  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

PRIMING: Thoroughly clean the surface with GRUNDPUR VC 150 and apply the undiluted formula in 2 to 3 layers, depending on the surface porosity. Apply each layer on a dry surface. The average film drying time is approx. 2 h and may vary with the surface temperature and air humidity. To develop a higher gloss and faster hardening of the film, process the last layer with a high-speed buffer.

CARE: Glossy stone surfaces are processed by wiping wet with the formula diluted at a ratio from 2.5% to 10% (250 to 1000 ml per 10 L of water). MAINTENANCE: Depending on the strength of dirt on the floor, the recommended dilution ratio varies from 0.25% to 0.5 % (25 to 50 ml per 10 L of water).

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