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VOIGER PROFESSIONAL  is a line of professional chemicals for household use, developed for the most demanding customers. VOIGER are extremely efficient products of the highest quality, manufactured by professionals, and offered at an attractive price.


Knowing how important your home is for you, we offer a product without compromising on quality. All our products have pleasant, unique aromas and are enriched with a scent of fresh fruit: juicy lemons, green melon or intense mint.

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VOIGT - a company with tradition

VOIGT is a company with tradition, strengthening our position on the market every day thanks to extensive experience in production, technology and management. Our products are appreciated and widely used not only in Poland, but also in a number of other European countries. With a broad distribution network, we can reach every customer. In addition to our well-developed logistics across the country, we work with business partners in Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Germany.