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Floors and carpeting


Low-foaming floor cleaner

For professional use. Recommended for care of flooring and other surfaces made of plastic, laminated materials, glazed materials, and vitrified finishes. Safe in regular maintenance of flooring coated with polymer or wax film. The Anti-Stone technology in the formula leaves no streaks or smudges. Evaporates quickly.

1L   EAN: 5901370024564  
5L   EAN: 5901370024595  
Ask for the product

Ask for the product

Usage method

Depending on the strength of dirt to be removed, the recommended dilution ratio varies from 0.5% to 2% (50 to 200 ml per 10 L of water). Apply with a mop or a clean cloth and leave to dry. Requires no rinsing down or wiping dry afterwards.

Anti-Stone -

Anti-Stone prevents scale, smudges and streaks for easier cleaning in the future.

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