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Commercial dishwashers


Industrial dishwasher heavy-duty detergent

A highly concentrated liquid formula for dishes and kitchen appliances in all types of professional dishwashers. Features a high concentration of protein and sugar reducing compounds. Provides extremely high cleaning performance against very persistent dirt, including tea and coffee stains. Non-foaming action. Excellent for use with soft and moderately hard water. Chlorine-free.

5L   EAN: 5901370021952  
10L   EAN: 5901370021976  
20L   EAN: 5901370021990  
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Ask for the product

Usage method

0.5 to 1.5 ml of the formula per 1 L of water is recommended, depending on the water hardness and supply pressure. The dosing performance must be adjusted by professional technical service if the water hardness is higher than 5°dH.

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691S- dla mnie mega profesjonalny, bo wymieniam raz w miesiącu (poprzednio 2x20L w miesiącu), jest wydajny, pracownicy VOIGT przyjechali do mnie i wyregulowali zmywarkę, pomimo, że kupiłem u dystrybutora.
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